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Ryton Bridge Club meet at 7:15pm each Thursday night at Ryton Rugby Union Football Club, play finishes round about 10:15pm. A bar plus tea and coffee are available. The Club is affiliated to the North-East Bridge Association. Sunday League fixtures are played at Ryton Cricket Club, 300 yards away.

Visitors are welcome to the Club, subject to Rugby Club rules (which will not deter bona-fide visitors). When the Bridge Club takes part in a non-N.E.B.A. (simultaneous) event, visitors will be charged the full entry fee for the event in addition to their table money; club members pay only their table money.

The last Thursday of the month is a handicap event, the pair performing best on the night relative to their year-to-date average receive prizes.

December 7th results available. Where the contract/result did not agree with the score, the score has been used.

From August 2017 onwards. The Sunday teams-of-8 dates in here are correct as of 10 August 2017. Events

December 7th results available.

Points for players. Information for players relating to comparable bids (either out-of-rotation or insufficient) is too complex to add as what is permissible in the circumstances depends upon the offending partnership's agreements. Last updated in March 2013 in response to an EBU request for information relating to light doubles and overcalls. Director!

This link will take you to all club competition results such as Bill Scott Aggregate, Ashis Banerji Teams, Mens + Ladies pairs, and all NEBA qualifying events.

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I look two or three times a week for any messages. Your message will be directed to a Yahoo account. Contact

This page may or may not be available depending upon the movement used, not all of our Howell movements are included in the page.

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Last Thursday's hands together with the number of tricks makeable by all four players in each of the five denominations. This is stored on the web site as a PDF file and you will require something on your computer that can read PDF files (Adobe Acrobat).

  Directions to Ryton Cricket Club. Sundays

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